About Us

Producer of natural minerals based and organic flocculant, Atomix powder. The Company has experienced personnel in effluent and wastewater treatment.


Palm BioGreen Sdn Bhd is a producer of natural minerals based flocculant , ATOMIX product. You will derive many benefits from Palm BioGreen Sdn Bhd’s Custom Built Wastewater Treatment Equipment with ATOMIX that can increase your profits. These superior wastewater treatment Equipment and ATOMIX have been designed, implemented, and constantly refined to maximize throughput, reduce sludge, increase production and afford easy environmental compliance.

At Palm BioGreen Sdn Bhd, we believe a green environment is the basis for a better life, as such we want to be the leading producer of natural materials based waste water treatment products and provider of eco-friendly waste water treatment solutions in the world and to inculcate green ethics to the industrial sectors and to the general public.


  • To help to slow down global warming by eliminating greenhouse gases emission from industrial waste water treatments globally.
  • To create or produce clean and clear treated water discharge for reuse or reintroduction to the ecosystem.
  • To increase industrial wastewater treatment plant efficiency and meet and exceed legal compliance.