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If you want to inquire about or purchase ATOMIX or any other inquiry Trial Service simply call or email. We will be able to assist you with virtually any of your wastewater treatment needs, one way or another, to help you get the best chance to get your benefit.

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  • Ready to dramatically reduce your industrial wastewater treatment costs?
  • Ready to Increase your wastewater capacity & throughput, further cutting costs and increasing productivity?
  • All while improving your environmental compliance?

The reason we ask you is because we understand when the company established the premise that you should get the best service, products and technical support, and responsible for your wastewater management.

You’ll find our wastewater treatment expertise can enhance your process in myriad ways.For your best chance at the most profitable, compliant and efficient wastewater treatment system all you have to do is:

  • Get your full parameter analysis
  • Find your treatment plant weak status
  • Share our wastewater expertise
  • Make improvements & modifications
  • Eliminate wasted steps, processes & wastewater chemicals
  • Enjoy greater production profit

The treatment of all wastewater follows the basic steps shown below.

The initial step is pH adjustment (if needed) to the desired set point. The wastewater is then mixed with our ATOMIX prior to the effluent separation process (clarifier, DAF, Screen, or other).